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Whether you want to make a personal injury claim or an employment dispute claim, our team of solicitors are experienced in small claim cases and can help you with all aspects of the legal procedures. James L Russell & Son in Ballymena has been specialising in all kinds of small claims cases for many years.

Small Claims Solicitors in Ballymena

Compensation claims under the small claims include:

You can rely on us for the following legal services:

We undertake various compensation claim cases that fall under the small claims track. These include the compensation for faulty services and goods provided, landlord and tenant's dispute, employment dispute, and medical negligence claims. Based on the financial value/limit, the judge may refer a case to a different track.

We can help you with all types of claims:

James L Russell & Son specialises in personal injury claim, accident claim and employment dispute law. We are flexible to your needs and can arrange out of hours consultations.

Contact us today for any queries or information on all kinds of small claim legal procedures

James L Russell & Son in Ballymena is your ideal choice for expert legal advice on various matters pertaining to probate and estate administration law.

We can arrange consultations outside normal working hours.